5 Tips to Great Landscape Lighting

houston-landscape-lightingLandscape lighting is increasing in popularity with both home and business owners in Houston and the surrounding Texas area. There are several benefits to lighting up your residential or commercial property, but it’s absolutely essential that you choose the right lights and for all the right reasons. With endless options it’s hard to decide which lights are best for you and how they will actually looks. So we’ve assembled a few tips to help guide you along the way. When you’re ready to launch your new lighting project, contact the professional Houston electricians at Wesco Systems Electrical Services. We can help you from start to finish so that you will be happy with the final product.

Function & Purpose

Each home and business owner in Houston has different reasons and uses for the lights they choose implement in their lawn. Regardless of the reasons, it’s important to have one. Being able to narrow your focus & reasoning for the lights you choose is the most important step. Ask yourself¬†what I trying to accomplish? What is the ultimate goal?¬†This will make the decision and installation process much easier in the end.

Have A Vision

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of possibilities for Houston landscape lighting designs. Homes and businesses all across Houston are filled with all types of creative ideas and not one of them are the same. So it’s important to distinguish yourself and set your lawn apart. If you have no idea where to start then you can begin by reading magazine articles and looking online. Go visit some of your friends’ homes and see what they are doing. Sit and analyze your yard for a while and try to imagine difference scenarios. All of these important for casting the right vision and attaining the style you’ve always wanted.

Get Professional Advice

No matter how talented and creative you think you are, it never hurts to ask for a consultation from an experienced professional electrical and design company. The greatest advantage to getting advice is that you will avoid all the pitfalls and also be informed about all the things you never thought about as you were preparing for the installation. A lighting pro will be able to confirm whether or not that great light decoration around the fountain in your yard will actually turn out the way you imagined in your head. So save yourself time and hassle by getting advice from someone who’s been there done that.

Energy Savings

Remember, that once the lights go up….so does the energy bill. You have to consider how you’re going to feel about your lights 12 months down the road, verse how much money you want to spend 12 months down the road. Lights were meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over. So while you’re thinking aesthetically, also think smart. It’s not the style of the light that will determine how much energy you will use; rather, it’s the type of light. Consult with Wesco Systems Electrical Services when you get ready to install and we can help you compare different types of lighting and how it will affect your energy costs every month.

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